Busker Broadcast is an audio and video series centering around street performance.  Based in Asheville, a known busking town, we collect the stories and songs of those who pass through town.

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Buskers carry with them traditions and pass them on.  We are here to record that transaction.

Our Story

Abby the Spoon Lady has recorded buskers for over a decade.  Compiling, organizing and sorting the information has become the new focus for 2017.

We have decided to step away from WPVM 103.7FM in Asheville.  Please stay tuned as we fire up our live podcast and video feeds.

The Buskits Busker Broadcast
The Buskits Busker Broadcast

Abby the Spoon Lady

Abby the Spoon Lady is one of very few professional spoon players in the United States, and has been a professional street performer for over a decade.   Abby studied American folk percussion, music, and folklore while traveling the United States by foot and rail.  Now an internationally known street performer, she plays with some of Asheville’s finest local and visiting performers at festivals, within venues, and right on the sidewalk.  Along with finding her within various horror and short films, you can watch interviews with Abby in such documentaries as Nashville 2012, and also Buskin’ Blues, about the world-class street performing scene in Asheville, NC.  She is currently President of the Asheville Buskers Collective.